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Edible Landscapes as a Mood Booster

Since COVID-19 has plagued the world, it seems reasonable that as shelter-in-place orders have lasted over eight weeks in some states, minimally the blues are effecting everyone and some are struggling with depression. Isolation from our friends, family, and social activities are hard and even debilitating for some, contributing to the blues and depression. It is not new news that exercise, meditation, and healthy eating are some commonly known actions that can help manage the blues and depression. Gardening has received lots of positive press over the years for being an activity somewhere between exercise and meditation that is sustainable and rewarding. Gardening was shown to provide a significant mood boost, according to an article in the Washinton Post entitled, Gardening boosts your mood as much as some types of exercise, study finds*. The study referred to in the article was published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning.

24 oz Striped German

The study went on to find that the mood boost was equivalent to walking, running, and biking. The benefits were found to specifically benefit people who grow their own fruits and vegetables, regardless of the garden size and whether the gardening was done solo or with members of your own household. The study authors also pointed out the most benefits seemed to accrue to women and low-income people*. Even people with small balcony gardens in apartments benefitted too, so you do not have to have a large suburban yard to benefit.

Ghost Cherry

Ghost Cherry

For the study, 370 adults in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area participated in the study*. The study found that while all types of gardening are good for your mental health, people who grow their own vegetables seem to be especially pleased with their efforts relative to those who grow only flowers or decorative plants*. The evidence keeps getting stronger and stronger that gardening is great for physical health, mental health, and nutritional health.
What are you waiting for?

Purple Beauty-Bell Pepper

Purple Beauty-Bell Pepper

There are so many reasons why you should prevent an edible landscape, but if need more motivation we at Yummy Tummy Farms are happy to provide as much motivation and support as you need.
Yummy Tummy Farms provides gardening consultations, edible landscape installations, and maintenance services.
See our website for details: or email us to schedule a consultation at or call us at 408-655-8500. We do video conferencing consultations as well.


Health is Good

*  Source: Ingraham , C.(2020, May 15). Gardening boosts your mood as much as some types of exercise, study finds. Washington Post

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May 12, 2020 – Yummy Tummy Farms Update

Greetings from Yummy Tummy Farms and we hope you and your family are well and healthy. I, Farmer Donald, wanted to provide my readers, customers, and clients with an update as to what is growing at Yummy Tummy Farms. For an exact and complete list of what is planted and growing, please see our website at

About 2 weeks ago, we planted 28 different fruits and vegetables, in raised beds, on over 200 square feet of planting space. Since planting, we estimate that we have about 66% of everything that we planted already germinated and coming up. We expect the rest of the laggards to jump out of the soil any day now. Here are a few of our favorites so far: 

Christmas Lima Beans










All of our produce will be for sale locally. Additionally, providing the yield is sufficient, when the cucumbers become pickles, they will also be for sale. If you’d like to contact Yummy Tummy Farms and or want more information, please see our website listed above. If you’d like a garden consultation or estimate on and edible garden installation, please call us at 408-655-8500.

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Please note, Yummy Tummy Farms does not receive anything free from Seed Savers Exchange, we just like their seeds, their mission, the good work they do, and thought we’d give them a free plug.


3 Garden Options vs. 3 Garden Myths

Do you want to plant a #Covid #Victory #Garden but do not know how or where to start? 

There are typically three options:

Option #1 – Take a shovel to your planting area, throw some seeds or potted veggies in the ground, apply fertilizer, water, and hope for the best.

Option #2 – Read an extraordinary amount of books and articles and even perhaps enroll in some online or post-Covid in-person classes, and wait until next year to spring into gardening action.

Option #3 – Hire an edible landscape ann/or gardening specialist, like Yummy Tummy Farms to teach, coach, train, and/or install an edible landscape for you. Have Yummy Tummy Farms manage your edible landscape while you eat locally, enjoy flavors that will blow-your-mind, and you can brag to your friends and take most all the credit for being brilliant.  


Option #1 vs. Myth #1 – Option #1 typically follows this cycle because myth #1 follows as gardening is easy and I can do it all by myself. For example, a Backyard Gardener plants the year 1 garden and has great results and feels great. A Backyard Gardener plants year 2 garden and fails miserably, gets frustrated, gives up, and rationalizes that buying fruits and veggies from Mega-Mart is not so bad after all.

Option #2 vs. Myth #2 – Option #2 typically is never realized because of the time, effort, and energy it takes to become an expert in edible landscapes and/or gardening. Option #2 is an admirable pursuit. Myth #2 over-estimates the resolve of the average person to study, retain, and execute the body of acquired knowledge well. Question: Who has time to eat, sleep, work, raise a family, and become an expert at planning and managing edible landscapes past year 1? Answer: almost nobody.

Option # 3 vs. Myth #3 – This is by far and away the best option for ramping up your edible landscape quickly while learning about edible landscapes while you eat like royalty right out of your very own backyard. Myth #3 is that hiring an edible landscape consultant is too expensive and cannot be affordable. This is simply not true. Yummy Tummy Farms has a variety of edible landscape and garden installation plans to fit every budget; moreover, all you have to do is contact us and schedule an appointment. 


Please contact Yummy Tummy Farms for a variety of gardening and edible landscape installation, consultation, and education opportunities for you, your family, civic group, or company. 

You can contact us at 408-320-5365 and at

Don’t forget to check out our website at for more detailed information.
Victory Garden Installation

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Saving The Honeybees #1

We here at Yummy Tummy Farms recently received a phone call from Nelson in Northeastern San Jose that a honeybee swarm had landed in his landscaping. We responded immediately to Nelson’s home and upon investigation found a small swarm nestled in this flowering bush. Farmer Donald carefully removed, relocated, and provided the colony with a new happy home at Yummy Tummy Farms. The honey bees appear happy, and from inspections, are healthy and thriving. Thanks, Nelson!



If you live in Santa Clara County and see a swarm of honey bees, please call Yummy Tummy Farms, so we may assess the situation for safe removal and provide the homeless honey bees with a new home.

Contact us:

Yummy Tummy Farms 408-320-5365 or email us at

Honey Bee Swarming Season

It’s Honey Bee Swarming Season. Swarming has been unfairly and ignorantly demonized by Hollywood when actually honey bee swarming is a marvel of nature. Honey bees are a crucial part of the food chain. According to Science Daily, along with other pollinators, honey bees are responsible for at least 35 percent of the world’s food crop production*.

What’s happening when honey bees are swarming?

  • Honey bees are quite docile when swarming because they are homeless and only have two primary concerns: following the Queen and finding a home.
  • Swarming is the primary way honey bees procreate.


What should I do if I see a swarm land near my home or business? 

  • If you live in the Santa Clara Valley, from a safe distance take a picture of the honey bees, and contact Yummy Tummy Farms at or call 408-320-5365. Yummy Tummy Farms will likely come and rescue the honey bees free of charge

Honey Bees in my Plum Tree

What should I NOT do?

  • Do NOT panic.
  • Do NOT spray honey bees with any type of chemical. If you do, Mother Nature may teach you a powerful lesson that I will leave to your imagination. 
  • Do NOT call an exterminator as they’ll refuse to exterminate honey bees.

What if I’m fascinated by honey bees, want to do more to support honey bees, and want to learn more about honey bees?

  • Contact Yummy Tummy Farms for more information about how to support honey bees, local beekeepers, and buying local craft honey.
  • Plant a garden and/or install an edible landscape that is friendly to honey bees and the many other crucially important local pollinators
  • Take a class on beekeeping.
  • Consider becoming a beekeeper
  • Adopt a honey bee hive
  • Buy local honey and get to know your neighborhood beekeepers and have a conversation with them.

Yummy Tummy Farms offers:

  • Craft honey and honey bee products for sale
  • A wide variety of gardening and farming classes for private groups and larger corporate events
  • Garden and edible landscape consultations and installations
  • Installs honey bee hives in local backyards

For more information: call Yummy Tummy Farms at 408-320-5365 and/or visit our website at and/or email us at and/or read our blog at


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*  Reference: University of California, B.(2006, October 26). Pollinators Help One-third Of The World’s Food Crop Production. Science Daily. Retrieved April 27, 2020, from

Victory Garden

In 1943, 20 million gardens were producing 8 million tons of food. Think about that. 

Think about how comforting, safe, and secure that would be right now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. What if before the pandemic, you had your own victory garden already installed and established? If you had access to a garden, producing some of your food then you could reduce or avoid having to go to the grocery store or mega-mart. You would also have the best tasting produce possible, the most nutritious produce is possible, at the closest possible location to you – your house! 

I realize not everyone has the luxury of space to grow a garden, but that obstacle should not stop you from getting involved in a garden. You typically have a friend or two that has backyard space that you may be able to start a collaborative garden space. Alternatively, you may be able to find a space at a local community garden. Some community gardens require a monthly fee, while some you may be able to volunteer labor hours in exchange for some produce. Gardening, if done improperly, can also be a lot of work and provide a disappointing yield. Gardening, if done properly, using the correct tools, methods, and knowledge, gardening can be a social, fun, successful, and rewarding activity. But, where should you start? 

At Yummy Tummy Farms, we are big advocates for getting educated and moving forward with a well-thought-out plan. Do you want to have a do-it-yourself garden where you read or take classes then take action? Do you want to hire an expert that specializes in edible landscapes to get you started? No matter which option you choose they both have similar considerations worth thinking about.

If you are considering getting involved in planting your own #Victory #Garden then please consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of your garden?
  • What is your budget like? 
  • What type of climate do you have?
  • What is your soil like? 
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to your garden?

Yummy Tummy Farms offers classes, consultations, garden installations, and on-going garden maintenance and management. For more information, call 408-320-5365 or email us at

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Have you ever seen asparagus flowers?

Honey Bee Wax

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC has pure, local, craft honey bee wax for sale by the piece which can be used for a variety of crafts and cosmetic purposes. Each piece weighs approximately 1/2 oz but will vary slightly because every piece is handmade and poured one-at-a-time with craftsmanship in mind. We do not discount our products for any reason. We do not sell our wax by weight, but by the piece, and the weight is provided for simple estimation purposes.

Each hexagonal piece is $5 + shipping and handling and must be prepaid prior to shipping.

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Yummy Tummy Farms LLC – The Rebirth

When you have an idea that is way ahead of its time, eventually enduring criticism and neighborhood vitriol manifesting in visits from many city and county agencies that most people have never heard of “on an anonymous tip from a concerned neighbor,” eventually wears on you. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC was in business from 2011 until 2016 when under the immense pressure of all named above, I decided to throw in the tomato and enroll in a Master’s Program. Now that my Master’s Program has been completed and I’ve recovered, I have decided to give Yummy Tummy Farms LLC another go, this thyme armed with more wisdom.  Although I am hopeful, but not that optimistic, that #Yummy #Tummy #Farms LLC will be received and supported in a better manner by my community and that gardening, homesteading, and #domesticity will enter a #sustainable renaissance period, time will ultimately tell the rebirth story. It may yet be possible that #COVID-19 may have a lighter shade of darkness and cause more people to make self-sufficiency and climate awareness a more central part of their consciousness and being.

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is a pioneering suburban farm, founded in 2011 by Donald Sturman, CEO, also known as Farmer Donald in San Jose, CA. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC seeks to align itself with its core values: promote #suburban farming, increase self-#sustainability, and reclaiming domesticity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC has a vision of working within neighborhoods to increase awareness of #eating more #plant-based meals, educating #children about where and how fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and in so doing actively address the modern-day epidemic of #obesity. 

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC sells vegetable #plants, rare fruit, organic vegetables, #jams, #sauces, #chutneys, #pickles, #veggie chips, baby food, and fresh, #raw, organic #wildflower honey, #bath balms, #body products, and we are currently testing several new products. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is also an #education center offering classes on many subjects related to farming & gardening such as #Introduction To Organic Vegetable Gardening, Starting Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes from Seeds, #Seasonal Gardening: Spring, #Growing Food in Small Space, #Families and Children’s Activities, Classes, and Workshops and Food #Preservation: Jarring and #Dehydrating as well as many #cooking classes.

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC also conducts an edible #landscapes consultancy #service and also offers an active farm apprentice program in which you can volunteer to work on the farm to offset a portion of the class and/or workshop tuition. If you have an abundance of fruit or vegetables and live in the Santa Clara Valley, south San Mateo / Alameda counties we will pick it, provide you with some, process it into delicious products, provide you with some finished product too. 

More information can be found at  or you may email your inquiries to



Come and get it at Yummy Tummy Farms!

Save the Honey Bees via Kickstarter!

The Yummy Tummy Farms LLC Kickstarter 2015 project is up and running! Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is passionate about helping honey bees thrive in our urban / suburban environment. We do significant outreach through every medium and opportunity; for example, various Farmers Markets, Holiday Fairs, Facebook, our website and our blog. One of the many subjects that we engage visitors to our table and or booth is about the possibility of hosting honey bee hives in their backyards. The main reason we ask people if they can host honey bee hives is that we get significant calls in the spring and summer months to come and rescue homeless honey bee colonies. Honey bees become homeless as a normal genetic drive to procreate as demonstrated through swarming behavior. The result of swarming behavior frequently is that honey bees take up temporary residence in people’s homes and businesses. Home and business owners are naturally concerned for their family’s and or customer’s respective safety. The best case scenario is that we can calm and reassure them allowing time to go and retrieve the honey bees and put them in a proper hive. Sometimes it is difficult to calm people due to irrational fears around being attacked or stung and the call turns into a race against an exterminator.

In order to save the most honey bees possible, we need to have hives pre-built and homes ready to receive the honey bees. One obstacle we face, due to funding issues, is that we have had to decline to help because of lack of funds to buy hive supplies. Another obstacle we face is the inability to timely extract honey to give us enough inventory to sell with which we could reinvest in equipment and hive supplies. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC does not own its own honey extracting machine and relies on borrowing an old manual extractor that requires significant time and energy resources to utilize.

I, Farmer Donald, am coming to you asking for your help to successfully fund this project. The project goal is to raise $2,500 for several needs some of which I named above. I hope you find my request compelling and take personal action by navigating to our Kickstarter campaign page and fund our project.


Farmer Donald
Yummy Tummy farms LLC

Honey Bee Swarm Capture

In my last post, I wrote about it being the time of year when honeybees swarm. I thought I would add a subject source to my blog posts and that is documenting the work I do in rescuing, capturing, and saving honeybees. Once in a while, you may read about a honey bee swarm that lands somewhere that is not exactly welcome; for example, in someone’s roof eve, hanging off a deck rail, or up in a tree nearby a lot of heavy foot traffic.

I got a call from a concerned customer at the Korean Palace restaurant in San Jose, CA who detailed the plight of a particular swarm of honey bees about twelve feet off the ground that definitely needed rescuing. After securing the restaurant owner’s permission, I packed up my swarm capturing tools and headed on down to the Korean Palace. When I arrived, I met with both the owner and the concerned diner who showed me the location of the swarm. After surveying the situation, I set up my twelve foot ladder and went to work. It took about an hour to capture this hive and attract all the worker bees to the queen bee. I really appreciate the kind telephone call and the cooperation of the restaurant’s owner for helping save the honeybees. I relocated the honeybees to a new home in Almaden Valley where they are thriving, pollinating, and helping maintain a healthy eco-system.


Just another Day on the Farm

Living a step back in time

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