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Core Values And Vision

I knew that the transformation of my suburban home from just a private home into an edible landscape would be a huge undertaking; however, what I did not count on was how much I enjoyed the work. I also knew that given the extreme budget challenges that the economy is forcing upon working people in this nation, I knew I could not pay someone to do the work for me.

My vision is driven by the following personal core values: keep and maintain health, eat the best food possible, be self-sufficient, teach what I know, land stewardship, and share the surplus. As I started the work on transforming my suburban home and the land that it sits on my vision expanded, driven by my core values, into a Co-Op Garden idea. I put out the call for help via Craigslist and after meeting and interviewing ten people, decided that I wanted to work with four quality people: Ashley, Nancy, and two others that stopped helping almost as soon as they started and I forget their names, but I am grateful to them, nonetheless.

I was also inspired by the Co-Op garden idea because I knew other people were interested in eating great food, but simply do not have access to land to grow a garden or have the knowledge of  how to grow a garden or the money and many other reasons. I thought a Co-Op gardening idea was the perfect solution to meet some of those needs that I perceived were out in my neighborhood and my community as a whole. The Co-Op garden is fast evolving into a suburban farm that is under-going many dramatic changes, as you will soon see, when I post the pictures of what the land looked like before we started.


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