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The Best Tomatoes and The Birth of a Farm

My quest to grow the perfect tomato started in 2008 and up until 2011 I had been middling along growing some good tasting tomatoes and few great ones in 2009. We won’t talk too much about 2010 because 2010 was the coldest summer on record for the SF Bay Area in over 50 years, so tomato production was minimal at best. Rather than bumbling along making every rookie mistake known, I decided to swallow my pride and take two class on growing tomatoes from Love Apple Farms in Scotts Valley, CA.

The first class, in early March 2011, was growing tomatoes from seed which was worth its weight in gold in terms of how much I learned. Using the methodology taught at Love Apple Farms, I planted forty-eight seed cells with two-three seeds in every cell, so I could hedge my efforts that at least one tomato in each cell would germinate and grow. I had fabulous good luck in that over 120 tomatoes germinated and grew; although, I still made one crucial rookie mistake. I could not cut the extra seedlings down to allow just one seedling of every variety that I wanted grow.

I immediately enrolled in the tomato master’s class because I need to know the next steps which again was worth its weight in gold. Suddenly, I had a wealth of tomato plants meaning 120 tomato plants that I had to re-pot into 4″ pots and then again into 1 gallon pots and then potentially again into the ground or into a BIG pot. Needless to say I was the person watering, fertilizing, and caring for these 120 little darlings too. This rookie mistake was the “big bang” that caused the birth of Yummy Tummy Farms, a suburban farm in San Jose, CA.

I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to grow 120 tomato plants, so I had to sell them because giving them away was just silly; although, my favorite people got their plants gratis. Long story short, I sold many of the tomato plants I grew to where I was able to plant a wide variety of tomatoes: eight colors and four sizes!

Six months in the future from early March 2011 to September 2011, we finally picked our first near perfect tomato. What is amazing is that this tomato ripened faster than my cherry tomatoes, go figure. With the birth of Yummy Tummy Farms, I hope all of my horizons will sweet! Behold the Sweet Horizon:

Almost Perfect!


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  1. wow.. you really did get into the business with a bang! c


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