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Introducing Indigo Rose: The “Super Tomato”

Once in a while you end up in the right place at the right time and because you have prepared properly, good fortune walks into your life. Every January, when all the seed catalogs begin to arrive in the mail, my mind starts to race with ideas of what the farm will look like this season when it is fully planted. Since their are hundreds of varieties of tomato plants and tomato seeds from which to choose, other than old reliable varieties such as Brandywine, Cherokee, Early Girl, Lemon Boy etc. it is often left up to my eyes to decide what tomato varieties get grown from seed every year.

I grew up in the punk rock and disco 1970’s and 80’s I tend to resist growing regular red tomatoes, even though that is what most people crave and seek out, driven by some hedonistic aesthetic urge that is a mix of conditioning and mystery, when shopping for either plants or fruit at Yummy Tummy Farms (YTF). YTF is all about the unexpected, the odd, the unusual plants: plants that grow weird, produce crazy colors, off shapes, and/or slightly off sizes. Last year, based on multiple tastings by multiple customers, it was clear that the fully ripened green tomatoes clearly had the most consistent sugar levels and superior taste and flavor; moreover, that is the color of tomato we emphasized growing this year; however, the other tomato colors of the rainbow really can be show stoppers and this post is about Indigo Rose.

Indigo Rose, because it is a new variety, when I bought the seeds did not have any pictures of the fruit, so relying on my punk rock sensibilities, I chose it because the seller claimed it was a purple tomato. Now, my experience is that when a tomato is labeled black or purple, it usually only “winks” in the general direction of what I imagine the color purple or shade of black to appear as. Heirloom tomatoes are so bewitching because the color, shape, and size of what you get as the end product is the culmination of so many different variables that it is often like rocket science. I have been watching Indigo Rose grow all season with amazement and awe at the deep, dark, purple mixed with black coloration that is incredibly uniform. The Indigo Rose tomatoes are within one week of being ready to pick; weather permitting, I plan to pick some of them Friday August 10th.

Due to the fact that they are extremely rare and based on the fact that I do not have more than twenty-five small-medium tomatoes on the plant, I have decided to “auction” some of them off. Right, wrong, or indifferent, here is how I have decided to handle the distribution of my Indigo Rose tomatoes:

  1. You must live locally and come to Yummy Tummy Farms on August 10th at 6:30pm
  2. You must have contributed to the honey extractor Kickstarter project at a minimum $50 level in support of Yummy Tummy Farms efforts to upgrade it’d honey extracting equipment. For more information about that you can visit our website or read yesterday’s post
  3. After the first two criteria have been met then it will be on a first come first serve basis starting at 6:30pm on Friday August 10th
  4. If the Kickstarter project successfully funds then the above three criteria will apply; otherwise, I will judgmentally distribute the purple punk rock globes of desire to my best farm supporters
  5. If I have the good fortune to have more contributors than tomatoes then priority will be given to those that contributed more than $50 in support of the Kickstarter project

I hope Prince is not too jealous- Indigo Rose


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