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Victory Garden

In 1943, 20 million gardens were producing 8 million tons of food. Think about that. 

Think about how comforting, safe, and secure that would be right now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. What if before the pandemic, you had your own victory garden already installed and established? If you had access to a garden, producing some of your food then you could reduce or avoid having to go to the grocery store or mega-mart. You would also have the best tasting produce possible, the most nutritious produce is possible, at the closest possible location to you – your house! 

I realize not everyone has the luxury of space to grow a garden, but that obstacle should not stop you from getting involved in a garden. You typically have a friend or two that has backyard space that you may be able to start a collaborative garden space. Alternatively, you may be able to find a space at a local community garden. Some community gardens require a monthly fee, while some you may be able to volunteer labor hours in exchange for some produce. Gardening, if done improperly, can also be a lot of work and provide a disappointing yield. Gardening, if done properly, using the correct tools, methods, and knowledge, gardening can be a social, fun, successful, and rewarding activity. But, where should you start? 

At Yummy Tummy Farms, we are big advocates for getting educated and moving forward with a well-thought-out plan. Do you want to have a do-it-yourself garden where you read or take classes then take action? Do you want to hire an expert that specializes in edible landscapes to get you started? No matter which option you choose they both have similar considerations worth thinking about.

If you are considering getting involved in planting your own #Victory #Garden then please consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of your garden?
  • What is your budget like? 
  • What type of climate do you have?
  • What is your soil like? 
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to your garden?

Yummy Tummy Farms offers classes, consultations, garden installations, and on-going garden maintenance and management. For more information, call 408-320-5365 or email us at

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Have you ever seen asparagus flowers?

About Yummy Tummy Farms LLC

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is a pioneering suburban farm, founded in 2011 by Donald Sturman, CEO, also known as Farmer Donald in San Jose, CA. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC seeks to align itself with its core values: promote suburban farming, increase self-sustainability, and reclaiming domesticity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC has a vision of working within neighborhoods to increase awareness of eating more plant-based meals, educating children about where and how fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and in so doing actively address the modern-day epidemic of obesity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC sells vegetable plants, rare fruit, organic vegetables, jams, sauces, chutneys, pickles, veggie chips, baby food, and fresh, raw, organic wildflower honey, bath balms, body products, and we are currently testing several new products. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is also an education center offering classes on many subjects related to farming & gardening such as Introduction To Organic Vegetable Gardening, Starting Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes from Seeds, Seasonal Gardening: Spring, Growing Food in Small Space, Families and Children’s Activities, Classes, and Workshops and Food Preservation: Jarring and Dehydrating as well as many cooking classes. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC also offers an active farm apprentice program in which you can volunteer to work on the farm to offset a portion of the class and/or workshop tuition.

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