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Honey Bee Swarming Season

It’s Honey Bee Swarming Season. Swarming has been unfairly and ignorantly demonized by Hollywood when actually honey bee swarming is a marvel of nature. Honey bees are a crucial part of the food chain. According to Science Daily, along with other pollinators, honey bees are responsible for at least 35 percent of the world’s food crop production*.

What’s happening when honey bees are swarming?

  • Honey bees are quite docile when swarming because they are homeless and only have two primary concerns: following the Queen and finding a home.
  • Swarming is the primary way honey bees procreate.


What should I do if I see a swarm land near my home or business? 

  • If you live in the Santa Clara Valley, from a safe distance take a picture of the honey bees, and contact Yummy Tummy Farms at or call 408-320-5365. Yummy Tummy Farms will likely come and rescue the honey bees free of charge

Honey Bees in my Plum Tree

What should I NOT do?

  • Do NOT panic.
  • Do NOT spray honey bees with any type of chemical. If you do, Mother Nature may teach you a powerful lesson that I will leave to your imagination. 
  • Do NOT call an exterminator as they’ll refuse to exterminate honey bees.

What if I’m fascinated by honey bees, want to do more to support honey bees, and want to learn more about honey bees?

  • Contact Yummy Tummy Farms for more information about how to support honey bees, local beekeepers, and buying local craft honey.
  • Plant a garden and/or install an edible landscape that is friendly to honey bees and the many other crucially important local pollinators
  • Take a class on beekeeping.
  • Consider becoming a beekeeper
  • Adopt a honey bee hive
  • Buy local honey and get to know your neighborhood beekeepers and have a conversation with them.

Yummy Tummy Farms offers:

  • Craft honey and honey bee products for sale
  • A wide variety of gardening and farming classes for private groups and larger corporate events
  • Garden and edible landscape consultations and installations
  • Installs honey bee hives in local backyards

For more information: call Yummy Tummy Farms at 408-320-5365 and/or visit our website at and/or email us at and/or read our blog at


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*  Reference: University of California, B.(2006, October 26). Pollinators Help One-third Of The World’s Food Crop Production. Science Daily. Retrieved April 27, 2020, from

About Yummy Tummy Farms LLC

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is a pioneering suburban farm, founded in 2011 by Donald Sturman, CEO, also known as Farmer Donald in San Jose, CA. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC seeks to align itself with its core values: promote suburban farming, increase self-sustainability, and reclaiming domesticity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC has a vision of working within neighborhoods to increase awareness of eating more plant-based meals, educating children about where and how fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and in so doing actively address the modern-day epidemic of obesity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC sells vegetable plants, rare fruit, organic vegetables, jams, sauces, chutneys, pickles, veggie chips, baby food, and fresh, raw, organic wildflower honey, bath balms, body products, and we are currently testing several new products. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is also an education center offering classes on many subjects related to farming & gardening such as Introduction To Organic Vegetable Gardening, Starting Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes from Seeds, Seasonal Gardening: Spring, Growing Food in Small Space, Families and Children’s Activities, Classes, and Workshops and Food Preservation: Jarring and Dehydrating as well as many cooking classes. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC also offers an active farm apprentice program in which you can volunteer to work on the farm to offset a portion of the class and/or workshop tuition.

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