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3 Garden Options vs. 3 Garden Myths

Do you want to plant a #Covid #Victory #Garden but do not know how or where to start? 

There are typically three options:

Option #1 – Take a shovel to your planting area, throw some seeds or potted veggies in the ground, apply fertilizer, water, and hope for the best.

Option #2 – Read an extraordinary amount of books and articles and even perhaps enroll in some online or post-Covid in-person classes, and wait until next year to spring into gardening action.

Option #3 – Hire an edible landscape ann/or gardening specialist, like Yummy Tummy Farms to teach, coach, train, and/or install an edible landscape for you. Have Yummy Tummy Farms manage your edible landscape while you eat locally, enjoy flavors that will blow-your-mind, and you can brag to your friends and take most all the credit for being brilliant.  


Option #1 vs. Myth #1 – Option #1 typically follows this cycle because myth #1 follows as gardening is easy and I can do it all by myself. For example, a Backyard Gardener plants the year 1 garden and has great results and feels great. A Backyard Gardener plants year 2 garden and fails miserably, gets frustrated, gives up, and rationalizes that buying fruits and veggies from Mega-Mart is not so bad after all.

Option #2 vs. Myth #2 – Option #2 typically is never realized because of the time, effort, and energy it takes to become an expert in edible landscapes and/or gardening. Option #2 is an admirable pursuit. Myth #2 over-estimates the resolve of the average person to study, retain, and execute the body of acquired knowledge well. Question: Who has time to eat, sleep, work, raise a family, and become an expert at planning and managing edible landscapes past year 1? Answer: almost nobody.

Option # 3 vs. Myth #3 – This is by far and away the best option for ramping up your edible landscape quickly while learning about edible landscapes while you eat like royalty right out of your very own backyard. Myth #3 is that hiring an edible landscape consultant is too expensive and cannot be affordable. This is simply not true. Yummy Tummy Farms has a variety of edible landscape and garden installation plans to fit every budget; moreover, all you have to do is contact us and schedule an appointment. 


Please contact Yummy Tummy Farms for a variety of gardening and edible landscape installation, consultation, and education opportunities for you, your family, civic group, or company. 

You can contact us at 408-320-5365 and at

Don’t forget to check out our website at for more detailed information.
Victory Garden Installation

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About Yummy Tummy Farms LLC

Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is a pioneering suburban farm, founded in 2011 by Donald Sturman, CEO, also known as Farmer Donald in San Jose, CA. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC seeks to align itself with its core values: promote suburban farming, increase self-sustainability, and reclaiming domesticity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC has a vision of working within neighborhoods to increase awareness of eating more plant-based meals, educating children about where and how fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and in so doing actively address the modern-day epidemic of obesity. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC sells vegetable plants, rare fruit, organic vegetables, jams, sauces, chutneys, pickles, veggie chips, baby food, and fresh, raw, organic wildflower honey, bath balms, body products, and we are currently testing several new products. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is also an education center offering classes on many subjects related to farming & gardening such as Introduction To Organic Vegetable Gardening, Starting Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes from Seeds, Seasonal Gardening: Spring, Growing Food in Small Space, Families and Children’s Activities, Classes, and Workshops and Food Preservation: Jarring and Dehydrating as well as many cooking classes. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC also offers an active farm apprentice program in which you can volunteer to work on the farm to offset a portion of the class and/or workshop tuition.

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