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Farmer Donald with son Liam

Farmer Donald with son Liam

I (Farmer Donald) was raised in the 1970’s in Monterey County, CA surrounded by farms and agriculture. From a very early age,  I had soil under my finger nails and grew easily accustom to having farm fresh produce readily available that had superior quality, color, and flavor. In 1979, my family moved to San Jose, CA which was soon trading its fruit orchards for cube farms in the technology fields. Over the decades, I searched for the superior quality, color, and flavor of the produce that I remember and I periodically found it in different farmer markets, but I wanted more. In 2008, I became increasingly concerned about the health and welfare of honeybees and quickly realized that I had to take action and that I could not wait for someone else to fix the problem. One thing led to another and in 2010, I decided to start a Co-Op gardening group that had some small successes, but I wanted more. I discovered Love Apple Farms and enrolled as a student, taking as many classes as my budget would allow because I wanted to be successful. Shortly thereafter, I started twenty varieties of heirloom tomato plants and 120 plants germinated and grew. I sold many plants in front of my home and the idea of being a suburban farmer really began to take root. This blog will chronicle my journey as a suburban farmer and will focus on Yummy Tummy Farms as a model for my neighborhood, teach classes about gardening and farming, and develop a program for children to learn about where their food comes from and thus teach children skills that will feed them for the rest of their lives.

Happy Growing!

Farmer Donald

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  1. Hi Farmer Donald!

    Found you through Real Time Farms!!! I’m their California intern and I happen to live in San Jose! I’d love to do a farm visit and learn more about suburban farming. Let me know if this is possible and we’ll make it happen! 🙂


  2. Hi Farmer Donald,
    My name is Catalina, I’m interning with SELC and wanted your input on some potential pro urban ag legislation. Is there an email address you can be reached at? Let me know, and thanks!

    P.S. Beautiful blog!

  3. Does yummy tummy farms pick fruit in Palo Alto? I have a couple of trees that are heavily laden with orange and lemons.


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