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Save the Honey Bees via Kickstarter!

The Yummy Tummy Farms LLC Kickstarter 2015 project is up and running! Yummy Tummy Farms LLC is passionate about helping honey bees thrive in our urban / suburban environment. We do significant outreach through every medium and opportunity; for example, various Farmers Markets, Holiday Fairs, Facebook, our website and our blog. One of the many subjects that we engage visitors to our table and or booth is about the possibility of hosting honey bee hives in their backyards. The main reason we ask people if they can host honey bee hives is that we get significant calls in the spring and summer months to come and rescue homeless honey bee colonies. Honey bees become homeless as a normal genetic drive to procreate as demonstrated through swarming behavior. The result of swarming behavior frequently is that honey bees take up temporary residence in people’s homes and businesses. Home and business owners are naturally concerned for their family’s and or customer’s respective safety. The best case scenario is that we can calm and reassure them allowing time to go and retrieve the honey bees and put them in a proper hive. Sometimes it is difficult to calm people due to irrational fears around being attacked or stung and the call turns into a race against an exterminator.

In order to save the most honey bees possible, we need to have hives pre-built and homes ready to receive the honey bees. One obstacle we face, due to funding issues, is that we have had to decline to help because of lack of funds to buy hive supplies. Another obstacle we face is the inability to timely extract honey to give us enough inventory to sell with which we could reinvest in equipment and hive supplies. Yummy Tummy Farms LLC does not own its own honey extracting machine and relies on borrowing an old manual extractor that requires significant time and energy resources to utilize.

I, Farmer Donald, am coming to you asking for your help to successfully fund this project. The project goal is to raise $2,500 for several needs some of which I named above. I hope you find my request compelling and take personal action by navigating to our Kickstarter campaign page and fund our project.


Farmer Donald
Yummy Tummy farms LLC

Beekeeper Rant: Texas You Are Busted!

As a true Northern California beekeeper (San Jose, CA) nothing irritates me more than deception. For example; honey from China that has been diluted and honey from other counties or states labeled as local honey. The label of NORCAL Honey Co honey tells some fluff story about partnering with California beekeepers blah, blah, blah. Newsflash: Hey Texas, California is quite capable of producing our own truly local honey. I’m throwing the B.S. flag:



To be fair, I visited the website of NORCAL Honey Company or Nature Nates, based out of Texas and my critique is still valid. Clearly, Sonoma county, the closest  “local” county to the SF Bay Area where Texas based Nature Nate claims to source their honey from does not meet my definition of local. Otherwise, the map on their website highlights honey sources from unnamed Central Valley counties of California and nebulous unnamed northeast counties of California.

Honey may assist in the alleviation of allergy symptoms. If you live in the SF Bay Area and you suffer from allergy symptoms then you should consider adding local honey to your diet because it contains local pollens gathered by local bees which may help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

I propose 50 miles as a definition for local as the farthest farm products can be sourced from where you live and still maintain the local claim with any amount of credibility.

How effective do you think “local” honey will be for you if you live in San Francisco or San Jose , CA if it is sourced from greater than 50 miles from where you live? If you regularly eat honey that claims to be local, give the label a little bit of scrutiny.

While there is no official definition for local, what is local to you?

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