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Farmers Market Sunday


Big day for our suburban farm.


Governor Brown Signs AB 1616 California’s Cottage Food Bill Into Law

Thank you to our Governor of the great state of California, Governor Jerry Brown because in alignment with the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, representing the 43rd District of California, Governor Brown signed AB 1616, the California Cottage Food Act into law, effective January 2013. Here is a link to the entire bill and I will be highlighting excerpts of AB 1616 as time goes on in order to educate and enlighten supporters of Yummy Tummy Farms because as a cottage food producer, we want everyone to be as informed as possible. Here is a link to the entire bill: . I recommend looking at page 17, in bold at the top of every page, for the short list of approved cottage food products. In the interim, Yummy Tummy Farms will be working hard to understand, follow, and be in full compliance with AB 1616 which is very exciting as it opens a whole new avenue for being a small suburban farm and cottage food producer. Look for some exciting and delicious food products coming from Yummy Tummy Farms very soon!

If you feel so inclined, please take a moment and send a thank-you email to Governor Brown and to Assembly Member Mike Gatto for their hard work. Also, please consider supporting the Sustainable Economies Law Center as they did a tremendous amount of work in support of getting this bill signed into law and you can thank them and support them with contributions here:

Three cheers for local food!!!

Pure, Raw, Local, Organic, Wildflower Honey from Yummy Tummy Farms

Kickstarter Project: Motorized Honey Extractor

Yummy Tummy Farms (YTF) has some very exciting news!

Background: We have known for a very long time that the hand-cranked honey extractor that we have been using has been slowly breaking down and despite ongoing maintenance, was soon going to need to be replaced. Our current honey extracting machine’s, who we call “Old Cranky” or if we are feeling charitable, “Old Mr. Cranky,” constant metal on metal grinding of the centrifugal-force driven  barrel coupled with the gears clicking, popping, and otherwise, skipping gears was eventually only going to get worse with time. Farming is an incredibly soul-enrichening (to create a word) activity meaning I fell really great about it, but farming also requires a constant flow of capital inputs, mostly money.

I thought about simply buying a new hand cranked honey spinner, but when I examined my honey-filled crystal ball it showed me that a hand-cranked honey extractor was simply not a viable option. The quantity of honey that our hives produce currently, 12-16 gallons twice a year,  was only going to grow with time; moreover, the likelihood of growing our pollination business and our honeybee hive(s) rental/lease program is strong. The final considerations that convinced me to actively search for a way to afford a motorized honey extractor was that the time and difficulty of hand cranking large amounts of honey was super time-consuming and very taxing on your body. I had all but resigned to do my best to continue repairing Old Mr. Cranky when my awesome Wife suggested I consider putting together a crowd funding project demonstrating Yummy Tummy Farm’s dire need of a motorized honey extractor and voltage converter. I figured YTF had nothing to lose, so I put together my best evidence-based need and compelling story documenting the need and sent off the proposal to Kickstarter.

If are not familiar with Kickstarter, check out what they do here:

Yummy Tummy Farms just received the approval and now our project is approved and posted! I (Farmer Donald) would humbled and extremely appreciative if you would consider reading the proposal and consider supporting the project. Please send out the Kickstarter link to everyone you know, tell family and friends how much you like the idea of a suburban farm, and post it on all of your social networks. If you are able to contribute at the correct level then there will be honey and other assorted goodies in your future. Please read more about the project proposal here:

The Promise of Future Honey


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